Messages for the Family

Sadly, Glen passed away Wednesday, March 6, 2013.

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Thank you for your kind thoughts during this difficult time.


  1. Frankie Parsons-RigginsMarch 8, 2013 at 8:40 AM

    March 07, 2013
    For the past 18 years, my late husband, Dr. Richard Riggins, and I enjoyed visiting with Glen, Karen and various family members at her sisters home, Rita and Wilson Welborn, in Longview, Texas. Christmas Day was always our group day at Aunt Rita's house, which was also the destination when Hurricane Rita caused evacuations to northeast Texas. Glen was a quiet, intelligent, and genuinely nice man that we enjoyed being around. My love and prayers go out to Karen and to their family.

    Signed: Frankie Parson-Riggins.

  2. March 08, 2013

    In the late 1970's, in order to help with expenses, my mother rented out her bedroom at our home in Killeen, Texas, to a friend, Katie Schmidt.

    One day, Katie brought home a gentleman, Glen McClure, whom she was dating. It did not seem proper for a child to refer to an adult by his first name, and the title "Mr." seemed a bit too formal for someone who was expected to visit often. Katie suggested that we call him "Captain Mac" due to his rank in the Army and his last name.

    Shortly thereafter, Katie and Captain Mac stopped seeing each other. The decision was amicable. He then became interested in my mother, Karen.

    Despite my brother's and my best efforts, Captain Mac was here to stay. He loved my mother so much that he immediately accepted us as his own children and became the father that we never had.

    He and my mother were married in 1979 and upon his retirement from the Army, moved to Houston, Texas. He never once treated us any differently than a natural born child of his own. When he married our mother, he fully accepted that we were part of the package.

    At that time, I was convinced that my mother marrying Captain Mac was the worst thing that had ever happened to me. Little did I know, it was, in fact, the best thing that ever happened to me.

    Without a doubt, Captain Mac has been the single largest influence in my life. He took my brother and I, two honyaks, and, through his love and guidance, turned us into productive members of society with children of our own.

    When I needed direction, Captain Mac was there. When I needed inspiration, Captain Mac was there. When I needed someone to aspire to be, Captain Mac was there. When my brother I needed money to bury our biological father, Captain Mac was there. He was our Rock of Gibraltar, the salt of the earth. He was the most loving and gentle person that I have ever met. His passing has left a void that I will forever carry with me.

    We had 33 years with this wonderful man as a part of our family. We are so much the better for having known him. He will remain in our hearts forever.

    I love you, Captain Mac.

  3. March 08, 2013

    you will be missed Uncle Glen.

    ~ Edith McClure, Bayou Vista, Texas

  4. Three and 1/2 weeks have gone by since the memorial. I am thinking of you Karen and the family as I remember by dear friend. I am mindful of the lessons learned from Glen. He let me know often how much he appreciated the opportunity to work with me and share an office together and most of all that he appreciated our friendship. Thank you for sharing him with us.