Glen and his family celebrate his 70th birthday.

Whether you called him Dad, Grandpa, Captain Mac, Grandpa Glen, Uncle Glen, or just plain Glen, you are an important part of his family and he loved you. 

As a child, his family consisted of his father, James McClure, mother, Edna Tucker, and brother, Don McClure. Later, his mother remarried.

As a young man he married Kathy and together they had four daughters: Sheila, Glena Sue, Amy, and Robyn.

Later in life he married Karen and, along with her, accepted her two children, Lea Ann and Ron, as his own.

Soon his children had their own children to grow his family to include sixteen grandchildren.

Now some of his grandchildren have their own children making six great-grandchildren all together.

Glen was a man who was blessed with a large family that loved him.

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